Saturday, February 28, 2009

CRON Blog Carnival - February 28, 2009

Back to Basics Theme

The basics are a foundation to our CR practice and keep a lot of us centered, focused and on track to our goals and long healthy lives. This week I did a CRON blog carnival that highlighted a back to basics theme. Enjoy!

Cron Diary
Mary is back to basics with her CRON regimen. What a great view into some guidelines that help make CR work. I too am an unconscious carb avoider (#5 and follow up post).

Although not regularly posting now, I found this great article from JD that links in with the back to basics CRON theme.

My CRON experiment
Sara has a funny post about her foibles with green smoothies. Ah yes, who hasn't tried to change up their recipes and met with disaster. We try new things and when they fail: back to basics.

Quest for Life
Ali posted this week about how she overeats when nothing sounds appealing to her. She was reminded of the important basics of having nutritious CRON compliant food available.

April's CR Diary
April's 1400 challenge, a back to basics approach she uses to firm up her resolve to CRON, seems to work. She had only 2 off days when she was unprepared.

CRON Yogitect
Arturo is back to basics in a new culture. Funny how humbling it can be to relearn the basics you thought you had already mastered. This time learning them in a language you don't fully know.

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