Thursday, March 5, 2009

CRON and Tallest Poppy Syndrome

Let's face it, CRON is kind of an extreme approach in the eyes of many. It requires care, attention, diligence, and self-discipline. I think one could reasonably argue that a lack of these character traits and abilities in the general population is the cause of a lot of suffering across a wide range of social issues. They certainly are not negative traits as they are also present in the majority of successful people in our society.

CRON is a proven and direct approach to achieve longevity and health related goals. When people can use the aforementioned traits to achieve CRON they are always, in my mind, worthy of tolerance and support.

It is very easy, possibly too easy, to discount others in our society with subtle hints questioning someone's mental state. If someone they don't agree with or can't measure up to is more successful on CRON one could suggest that they have obsessive tendencies (implying OCD or the more common OCPD). There is also the easy way of suggesting anyone measuring calories and being successful at weight loss is approaching anorexia. CRON is nowhere near anorexia and the two have divergent goals: one is for health and the other for the lowest weight possible.

Using passive aggressive innuendos and other techniques to discount others is part of what some have named Tallest Poppy Syndrome. This term describes a leveling of social status. Poppies, you see are supposed to all grow to almost the exact same height. So if one should start growing a little too tall, a little prettier, or healthier and skinnier than the others then that Poppy needs to be cut down lest it harm the relative uniformity of Poppies overall.
Tallest Poppy Syndrome is a big enough problem on its own already. Successful people and politicians in the USA realizing this as an issue have been pandering to the masses with reverse snobbery. Many reverse snobbery claims are made along the lines of I know what's wrong with "upper society" I grew up in a working class home on the wrong side of the tracks. They do this to connect with a disenfranchised group and bring about change but they set up dangerous divisions where those perceived as privileged or successful are not to be trusted or respected.
It is for these reasons I would like to ensure that all CRONies are tolerant and supportive of one another. It is all the more important for CRONies to be united when CRON is seen as a practice of tall poppies by many of the masses and their chief educator (TV). Just think about the TV coverage CRON gets... Tallest Poppy Syndrome is a major reason why CRON is not more readily adopted.

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