Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My CRON-IC Badge of Honor

I challenge every CR practitioner who can read this blog to prove their are truly CRON compliant by posting their own "Badge" of Honor on their blog, or visiting the CRON calculator to see if you're compliant.

As I only recently started on a CRON lifestyle, I entered my goal weight instead of my actual weight. However, 1400 calories is a good reflection of my daily caloric intake. And, although it's true that I'm often more sedentary than lightly active, there is some fluctuation in activity level and calories but my aim is for approx. 30% Caloric Restriction through a combination of diet and exercise.

This "Badge" is a great sign of your understanding of CRON, which is often lacking from those who have not read deeply about CRON or lack the self discipline to achieve their goals.

Check out your CR % by clicking on the CR Calculator icon below!
CR Calculator


  1. I guess there are problems with this calculator is that the translating the percentage of CR not really possible to do in humans. And also the percentage gained on your CR% level which results in a proportional degree of life extension (i.e 30% CR = 30% longer life) doesn't rely on calories burned, only calories *in*. So when you put up your activity factor it says you're doing more CR, but that extra % doesn't mean anything, because it's totally dependent on calories taken into your body. Hope that makes sense.

  2. So in my opinion you should just go as low as you feel is safe and comfortable with you. DR Walford mentioned in his book 120 year diet that the 50% CR on rodents would be around 1200-1500K/cal in an average sized Male. Personally I just went as low as I feel comfortable with at a 1700k/cal which maintains my weight at 110 lbs which is a BMI of 17.2. I have been as low as 16.3 and maybe will go there later on in life, probably after 30.

  3. First: love your blog! Glad to see a new one of us!

    Second: your calorie level is too low, as you will see if you actually weigh and measure your food long term. MR is 6 feet tall and eats over 1800 calories a day and weighs 118. You need more than 1400.

    Third: Exercise + CR doesn't equal the CR effect. It's calories calories calories to extend youth-span. However, exercise is important if you don't want to look like crap and break a hip. That's why I have a pretty serious exercise practice. But don't try to reach your calorie goals through both exercise and CR -- it doesn't work that way.

    That being said, keep up the great work. It's really nice to see new CR blogs arising, hopefully to take the place of so many that have dropped off...