Monday, July 27, 2009

Garden Hit Hard by Radish Thief

The last week has been hard with the heat. I guess the dogs decided that with all of us spending more time in the back yard that they would help us garden... unfortunately that included eating radish greens and pulling up radishes for their own personal enjoyment.
Note: Guess who got blamed for this? Me! Apparently my feeding the dogs vegetables during the week when I'm preparing meals and salads was building temptation for them. And their being unsuperivsed by the garden around juicy radishes was too much for them. Lol. Too funny. I hope they enjoyed themselves but I am happy they didn't chew through too many of the plants.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wheat Germ

A while back I bought some wheat germ to boost my vitamin E and zinc intake on occasions when they seem to be staying a bit low. It wasn't until yesterday though that I had a chance to taste it.

Wheat germ is pleasantly tasty and nutty flavored. I've been having mine with yogurt or a bit of milk. I am very glad I tried this food item as I almost didn't.

Speaking of adventure in food. Have any of you tried vegemite? That just may be my next adventure if I can find some in my local area.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mustard Greens

Organic mustard greens were available at the local supermarket. Curious as ever, I decided to try them and I am very glad I did.

I prepared half the mustard greens in a salad. The greens were more salad like than kale and very spicy in a pleasant way. The warmth they produce is very nice to fix up what can sometimes become boring salads. Plus the texture is a nice change too.

The other half of the mustard greens were wilted with oil, garlic, and some soya sauce. These were excellent. I went out of my way to cut out the stems as many a recipe had suggested the stems don't wilt and can impact the consistency of the dish - they were right. Prepared this way the greens were similar to spinach. However, the taste was far superior.

I will definitely be getting more mustard greens in the future. However, although mine did not last long due to my appetite and curiosity, apparently mustard greens do not last as long as other greens or salad type items.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day... pancakes?

Happy Canada Day everyone!

This July 1st I am getting dragged to the Alberta Legislature grounds for a free pancake breakfast by friends and family... Why is it that so many things you get for free aren't really that great? I was trying to think what CRON compliant foods might be there and quickly gave up. I guess I will have to "smooth" out the calories elsewhere and keep my portions to a minimum. Actually, there is something appealing about a pancake breakfast... something. Maybe it's the sugar high from the maple syrup?