Friday, February 20, 2009

Macro Nutrient Ratios - So What?

On the Calorie Restriction Society's email discussion list there are many heated discussions about the right macronutrient ratios. Is higher protein healthy despite its appetite suppressing tendencies? Are animal proteins bad and vegetable proteins good? Is low carb better than low fat?

One thing is for sure: few people in North America get too little protein from their diet.

Personally, I think if one is eating a varied yet healthy diet with an eye towards optimum nutrition that the macronutrient ratios should change a bit. And for those that struggle to stay within such a tight range of protein... is it really going to allow you to eke out 6 more months of longevity?

I think sometimes I know where the media is coming from when I see obsessive and rigidly disciplined people content to keep their variety of food constrained to ensure they get a certain macronutrient ratio of protein. So, my message is this: lighten up. Live the extra life you are getting.

I increasingly like Peter Voss' approaches to CRON. Especially his ideas around classifying the typical North American diet as Calorie Poisioning. So subversive. So right. And a great way to promote CRON as the new mainstream. Perhaps I will expand in another post later.

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