Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daisy's CR article and body image

Reading some other blogs I came across Daisy's CR article. It really is a good one that outlines the first thoughts and the lightbulb of interest and understanding that comes from first discovering CRON.

And then in the comments... a number of people who obviously scanned her article and did not look any further. Other people with their negativity and lack of support for Daisy's new found approach. The common comments like "That's too skinny for a person of that height" from people who don't realize that their idea of preferred bodytypes has nothing to do with health or science but the influence of media and social networks.

CRONies as Social Deviants

I, for one, have become acutely aware of how others mental constructs of normal body types impact others. "Oh he's a meat and potatoes kind of guy" enables a bigger guy to stay big and unhealthy. "She's too skinny, she must be anorexic" assumes that her skinniness is unhealthy and that she may have mental problems... great. No wonder there is an obesity epidemic with quick cop-outs and mental barriers all over the place.

These hurtful comments by the uninformed and intolerant who don't realize how much the media and the rest of society has "programmed" their small brains into taking such a stance are quickly working their way into being a favourite cause of mine.

I would appreciate hearing any other types of comments you have come across. Please leave a comment.

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  1. For this reason, I have shared this new lifestyle decision with extremely few people in real life... that post was like my "test-run", and it was SO decidedly negative, I am keeping it to myself, for now. (My mother in law, for instance, would freak out totally.)

    Interestingly, I've always been known as one who eats weird healthy stuff, tries to increase raw foods, etc... and no one fixates on those facts at all. But if I said "calorie restriction"--people would start policing me to see what I am eating and if I am anorexic. As it is, no one has even noticed, a fact I find very telling. I eat the same salads as ever.