Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food Variety with CRON

One of the things I personally like the most about CRON is that it has had me search through and try a large variety of foods I wouldn't normally.

Pictured here are my new favourite citrus fruit: Blood Oranges. They are just quite simply cooler, tastier, and in my mind better.

I have also tried miso, tempeh, a whole bunch of different fruits, grains, and other things in my quest to add variety and health to my CRON diet.
In particular I have really liked exploring different kinds of beans for my chili (I like white beans with chicken the best). Baby Bok Choy are excellent in stir fries, salads, and steamed on their own. There has also been my review of various types of miso. I tried different shades and styles of miso until I settled on the lighter miso colours.
For me, the variety of food on CRON and the search for different tastes has kept it both exciting and fulfilling.

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