Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things Are Getting Clearer

My food and eating tendencies are starting to become clearer because of my recording my food consumption in the Cron-O-Meter software. So, in general I am finding that:
  • I eat less during the week (1200 cals average Mon-Fri)
  • I eat more during the weekend (2200 cals average)
  • Weekends are when I have more social events with friends and when I tend to ad lib more
  • Eating out events are fraught with unplanned, unknown, or unwanted calories
  • Mornings on weekends start out with a bigger meal first thing in the morning (140 to 200 cals weekdays vs. 300 to 400 weekends)
  • Midmeals on weekends are usually a little bigger than weekdays
  • Evening snack behaviour has changed for the better
  • For meals, my vegetarian chili and bean soups have some of the best combined taste and satiety for the low amount of calories consumed
  • Alcohol consumed early in the evening almost without fail has lead to excess calorie days and events

So, knowing some of these things my strategies are changing a bit so that I:

  • Change my schedule on weekends to be a bit more like weekday schedules and eat less first thing
  • Do not consume alcohol until later in the evening
  • Try taking half of dining out meals home for later consumption

Hopefully these things help get me closer to my goals.

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