Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lunch Munch Crunch

Lately lunches at work have been social lunches with colleagues and vendors. And this has caused me to be naughty. It's just too easy to not have the healthy salad or soup options. Especially when others at the table are having naughty food too. I've also been having trouble with busy waitresses that really don't like the extra "details" of dry toast and substituting fries for tomato slices. And it's always hard to get in some good food when time crunches hit too.

Sounds like a number of excuses but no good reasons. I guess I forget that getting what you want and being who you want isn't always easy. I will certainly have to redouble my efforts to make lunches CRON compliant.

Not sure about everyone else out there, but if I don't bring my own lunch then lunchtime CRON choices are not always fast and convenient. I will often end up going to Subway if I'm alone. Let me know if you have some good options for dining out at lunch while staying CRON.

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