Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CRON Blog Carnival - April 2009

Well, it was feeling like a good time to review some CRON blog articles.

April's CR Diary had a great (which for me includes a healthy dose of simple and easy) recipe for CRON compliant creamy clam chowder.

Cooking in Our Cave wrote an article about social control related to diet from within relationships and from society. It's funny how people make exagerated shortcuts to thinking for themselves. It's even funnier to reflect on comments like Atkins adherents being "bacon snarfing freaks". Common sense is far from common but moral superiority is everywhere. Long live the heretics that caused civilization to evolve!

Count Calories wrote an article about her hopes to intertwine CR, raw food, and food combining. The idea of mixing up your CR routine, strategies, and tactics appeals to me. I like innovation and change... from time to time.

CRON Diary wrote an article about her struggles to be CR and live among non-CR people. Seems like a common theme at this time of year. She too centers herself on counting calories.

CRON Lifestyle started this article with mention of the temptations of Easter. It seems many other CRONies have noticed this too.

CR Skinny wrote an article on discipline and preparedness. One of the things that most appeals to me about CR is the self improvement aspects of it: setting a goal and bringing yourself towards it despite many challenges; discipline, desire, dedication, and direction.

CR 4 Life is experimenting with fasting. Many of the glucose control effects of CR are achieved through periodic fasting. Interesting too that so many world religions incorporate fasting (ie. ramadan, lent, native vision quests, yom kippur, etc.).

Matt's CR Blog - Matt has taken his raw food enthusiasm a step further and has decided to grow his own vegetables. That is certainly neat... especially considering it snowed in Edmonton yesterday.

MiniCronnie posted an article about timing. The timing of CR meals and being prepared have been important factors for most CRONies.

Quest for Life wrote candidly about her recent struggles with CR and renewed inspiration. I especially like her approach of focusing on one thing rather than trying to fix too many things at once. Hang in there Ali.

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