Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Harvest 2011

Wow. The last couple of weeks has been great for the garden harvest.
The harvest of fall beauties has begun! The tomatoes and onion above quickly became a fresh salsa.
The purple carrots (novelty) and the orange ones above quickly became snacks.
Also, I recently roasted a beet. Sweet. Very nice. And... perhaps my favourite way to enjoy beets. In a smoothie or soup, they just take over the entire taste of the dish.
Plus I have some pumpkins coming along.


  1. Fruits and vegetables really just taste that much better when they come from your very own garden. Ahhhh. The sensory overload of the color, the aroma, the texture... of fresh.

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  5. Hi!! Is anyone still home? :)

    Just looking around to see who's still around blogging in the CR community. Pretty quiet these days...