Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grow Your Own CRON Diet With Aquaponics

The CRON Diet or lifestyle is a very self-sufficient and environmentally conscious approach to longevity - whether practitioners realize this or not. It was in this same vain of being self sufficient and environmentally friendly that I got excited about Aquaponics. This approach can provide year round fresh fish and green veggies in an ultra fresh and low maintenance manner while being incredibly good for the environment.

Some of the highlights that hooked me were things like this paragraph from Backyard Aquaponics:

According to university studies in Canada, aquaponic plant growth has been
found to exceed normal hydroponic growth rates. And aquaponic fish have been
found to have less health problems than fish grown in intensive aquaculture
systems Aquaponics is the most water efficient method of food production
available today, requiring only about 1/10th of the water used for ground
grown vegetables.

So it was an incredibly neat and highly effective approach to agriculture - and relatively new too. But could it be done at home, easily and cheaply?

Well, here is one of a huge number of Aquaponics related YouTube videos:

So, just seeing this setup my mind started to whir with activity. Indeed, there are folks around the world who are selling home aquaponics kits.

Essentially one feeds the fish and the fish almost entirely feed the nutrients needed for the plants.

There is a huge range of fish species, prawns, crayfish, and more that are being used in these kinds of systems and even more varieties of plants and crops.

Some are suggesting this new "green revolution" may solve many of the Earth's pending problems with faminine due to overpopulation.

Ultimately, I wasn't so selfless in my thoughts about Aquaponics. If I can convince my significant other to let me have one I am going to ensure I have fresh veggies year round. It would also be less likely for the dogs to dig up radishes and carrots from my Aquaponic garden.